Template-based step detection with inertial measurement units

Published in Sensors, 2018

Recommended citation: Oudre, L., Barrois-Müller, R., Moreau, T., Truong, C., Vienne-Jumeau, A., Ricard, D., Vayatis, N., & Vidal, P.-P. (2018). Template-based step detection with inertial measurement units. Sensors, 18(11).

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Abstract. This article presents a method for step detection from accelerometer and gyrometer signals recorded with Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs). The principle of our step detection algorithm is to recognize the start and end times of the steps in the signal thanks to a predefined library of templates. The algorithm is tested on a database of 1020 recordings, composed of healthy subjects and patients with various neurological or orthopedic troubles. Simulations on more than 40,000 steps show that the template-based method achieves remarkable results with a 98% recall and a 98% precision. The method adapts well to pathological subjects and can be used in a medical context for robust step estimation and gait characterization.