Greedy kernel change-point detection

Published in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2019

Recommended citation: Truong, C., Oudre, L., & Vayatis, N. (2019). Greedy kernel change-point detection. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 67(24).

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Abstract. We consider the problem of detecting abrupt changes in the underlying stochastic structure of multivariate signals. A novel non-parametric and model-free off-line change-point detection method based on a kernel mapping is presented. This approach is sequential and alternates between two steps: a greedy detection to estimate a new breakpoint and a projection to remove its contribution to the signal. The resulting algorithm is able to segment time series for which no accurate model is available: it is computationally more efficient than exact kernel change-point detection and more precise than window based approximations. The proposed method also offers some theoretical consistency properties. For the special case of a linear kernel, an even faster implementation is provided. The proposed strategy is compared to standard parametric and nonparametric procedures on a real-world data set composed of 262 accelerometer recordings.